Quality Policy

We, Hydrocarbon Project Engineers Ltd, are committed to meet client expectations in all our business operational areas including Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services. Specifically, to meet client expectation;

In Engineering, through innovative design, quality of detail engineering, speed of delivery, and reliable support.

In Procurement, through richness of vendor database, speed of order placing, ensuring vendor’s strict adherence to Quality Assurance Plan and dedicated expediting.

Create customer & employee trust and engagement

In Construction Management, through detailed planning, strict project control in financial & schedule aspects, quality of all construction activities and expert dispute resolution.

We shall also function as a team with commitment towards total customer satisfaction and continual improvement in technology, process and our services.

Information Security Policy

We are also committed to protection of company information assets that are critical to our business. We have established an information security management system that operates in our engineering, procurement and construction management processes. Through our information security policy, we ensure that,

confidentiality, integrity and information availability are maintained throughout the process, taking into account the business, legal, regulatory and contractual obligations

business continuity plans are established, maintained, and tested

all personnel are trained on information security and informed that compliance is mandatory

all breaches of information security and suspected weaknesses are reported, investigated and corrected swifty